Rumor: Boldin Being Shopped Again This Offseason

Thursday, February 25, 2010 by: Online Sportsbook

Last off-season, the Cardinals passed on a package to trade Boldin, sources say they were never really close to trading him.

Now the Cardinals are shopping Boldin again and will take less in a trade, just one year later. Boldin is an unrestricted free agent next off-season and has publicly said he wants to leave Arizona for the past two seasons.

After a season of injuries and one year left on his deal, Boldin's trade stock has dropped. Last off-season, the Cardinals wanted a first and a third round pick for Boldin. Now, sources say, they want a second but teams may be able to get him for a third and some change.

The Cardinals don't have a need for Boldin now that Steve Breaston has emerged as a reliable starter. Boldin is seeking Larry Fitzgerald money, four-year $40 million.

Boldin, 29, has struggled to stay healthy his whole career. The Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins are the top teams rumored to be interested in acquiring Boldin.

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